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Rossback Stitcher
Mueller 6-Pocket Stitcher Trimmer
Multi-Feeder 12-Station Collator
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Bobst Media 100 A-II Glue Folder




Folding from 4" x 6" to full 28" x 40" press sheets
Stitching and trimming up to 6 signatures plus cover


From trimming and folding your simplest pieces, to complicated multi-part boxes, our bindery equipment and skilled operators will make your printed sheet into a product.

Most jobs don’t end at ink and paper. Our comprehensive bindery can handle all of your folding, trimming, and finishing needs. Our bindery department is also the culmination of our shop-wide quality control system.

Every job is carefully reviewed by the pros in our bindery department to ensure every piece in every job meets our high quality standards.

With a lot of our work in complex folders and cartons, we have added extensive in-line gluing capabilities.

Top-of-the-line is our advanced Bobst Media 100 Glue Folder. From complex presentation folders to unusual folds and shapes or even pop-up boxes, the Bobst handles the entire process including all gluing and assembly.